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MAKSU was established in response to the needs of our time: the world is changing and the ways of consumption must also change. MAKSU is the answer to these changes and the new needs based on responsible consumption. It's an adaptation to the environment that has become a dream: high-quality clothing at affordable prices. We need to consume less and better, we should understand it as customers and our challenge is to communicate it as a brand. We want you to wear our pieces for years, even decades, to come. That’s why we source the finest materials and factories for our timeless products.


In our collections we seek to create elegant garments to attract attention for their details and quality. We do not believe in the seasons; we make timeless and unique clothing. Nor do we design for a type of woman, but for today's woman. For us, fashion goes beyond trends: the selection of fabrics, craftsmanship, and colors are the essence of all MAKSU designs. Silks, Italian fabrics, hand-made embroideries, delicate beading, luxury fibres and workmanship are the main characters. 


Our manufacturing is based on very small quantities, thanks to the support of our factory we can offer very limited series of each style with very low margins and a fair price. Our clients will always know what they are buying, the origin and peculiarities of the fabric, which makes it special, exclusive and affordable. MAKSU is truly accessible luxury.





As the latest has already gone, and it does it quicker every day we want to make clothes with value for: today, tomorrow, forever. #UNFASHION




ARTISAN MADE. The charm of handmade details adds an extra value to these styles: the story of these garments begins at inception by developing stich-by-stitch the personality of each article of clothing. We produce these pieces in small factories in India because we love the unrepeatable techniques that we can find only there. In some garments you may find some small irregularities that are not a fault but a part of the craftsmanship process. These garments, these little treasures, are unique, as we all are.


EMBROIDERED IN INDIA These garments contain the charm of embroideries, textures, colors and natural fabrics that can only be found in one place - India. They say that traveling to India will never leave you feeling indifferent, nor will these pieces. These little treasures are produced following ancestral traditions and with love for the finest details.


TAILOR MADE IN SPAIN. All our tailor made styles are made in our Spanish atelier in very small quantities. The real sustainability means producing and buying less quantity, more quality and long lasting garments.


ITALIAN FABRIC. We design special garments meant to last forever and that starts with the fabric selection. Italian mills have been weaving the most beautiful fabrics for top luxury brands for decades, we use them to add texture and sophistication to our collection. Sustainability is in our hands.


PREMIUM KNITWEAR. Quality and warmth go hand-in-hand in our natural knit collection. These garments are made with luxurious fibres (mohair, alpaca, merino and wool). Its design is timeless, so you can enjoy season after season the softness and shine that defines them.


UNSEASONAL KNITWEAR. Our cotton knitwear is the perfect companion for every season: it´s breathable, durable, comfortable and light.


EXCLUSIVE STYLE. There are no more than 50 units of these styles on the market. They have been made in very small quantities at our in-house factory in Turkey in order to guarantee their exclusivity and high quality manufacturing.



EXTRA SOFT WASHABLE SILK. These silk garments can be machine washed together with your other clothes, they don´t require professional care. The silk is the natural fabric that represents the excellence in quality and beauty terms, that´s why it is at the heart of MAKSU´s essence: a large part of our collection is made of silk.



WASHABLE SILK & DIGITAL PRINT. This is a winning combination, for us and for the planet. Traditional printing is one of the highest polluting factors in fashion industry, the damage is 90% less by using digital print. We use it in special silk with extra soft texture that doesn´t require professional care. The silk is the natural fabric that represents the excellence in quality and beauty terms that´s why it´s at the heart of MAKSU´s essence.


NATURAL SILK. Natural silk makes us feel better: it´s breathable, it regulates body temperature, it´s light and comfortable, relaxing, long-lasting and hypoallergenic. It´s the most resistant natural fibre: if you take care of it, it can last forever. Silk is a natural fabric that represents excellence in both quality and beauty terms, that´s why a large part of our collection is made of silk.



MADE IN SPAIN. Made in small ateliers in Spain and produced in small quantities.




At MAKSU we have a commitment to our clients and to the environment. We work with factories where we produce small quantities of each model, to guarantee their exclusivity and avoid overproduction. We listen to our clients and invest in what they really want, to adapt our production to demand in a responsible and exclusive way. Sustainability means finding a balance between supply and demand, and that is only achieved by listening. Typically, there are no more than 50 units of our models produced in the world.

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